Ocean Genomics and Geneyx to Enrich Genomic Variant Detection to Better Diagnose Diseases and Identify Drug Targets

Our deeply integrated multi-omics analysis of a patient’s DNA and RNA together identifies critical genomic variants missed using DNA alone.

[Pittsburgh, 7/26/2023] – Ocean Genomics, the transcriptomics AI company, and Geneyx, a leading genomic analysis company, announced they were awarded a grant from the BIRD Foundation to develop and commercialize a cutting-edge, multi-omic software method. This joint effort aims to combine DNA and RNA technologies, revolutionizing the detection of genomic variants and significantly advancing disease diagnosis and drug target identification.

“Improved identification of structural variants in cancer can lead to more targeted and effective treatment options as well as advance our basic understanding of the disease and its progression. New computational algorithms and tools that can improve the sensitivity and specificity of identifying variants are clearly needed.”
Ayesha N. Shajahan-Haq, PhD, Assistant Professor of Oncology at Georgetown University’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, and a collaborator on the project.

“Many diseases are caused by structural variants, but they can be difficult to detect, and many are missed in testing only DNA or RNA alone. By deeply integrated analysis of a patient’s DNA and RNA together, we can identify more of these variants, improve diagnosis, and determine targets for new therapies. Many thanks to the BIRD Foundation for recognizing the importance of this innovation and supporting us to develop and bring this solution to market in collaboration with Geneyx.”
Carl Kingsford, CEO Ocean Genomics

“We are thrilled to receive the grant from the BIRD Foundation and collaborate with Ocean Genomics on this groundbreaking project. Integrating DNA and RNA technologies to create a multi-omic software method holds tremendous potential for improving disease diagnosis and identifying drug targets. This advancement will pave the way for personalized medicine, enabling us to develop tailored treatment plans based on individual genetic profiles.”
David Yizhar, CEO of Geneyx

“Congratulations to Geneyx and Ocean Genomics on receiving the grant from the BIRD Foundation to support their joint project. Their innovative multi-omic software technique has the potential to revolutionize the field of genomics and significantly contribute to the diagnosis of diseases and identification of drug targets.”
Jaron Lotan, Executive Director of the BIRD Foundation

About Ocean Genomics: Ocean Genomics provides its AI platform and compute-ready data assets for advancing drug discovery and development. Its Intelligent Transcriptome™ hosts over 100,000 transcriptomic samples, many pre-trained models, and a vast and growing molecular knowledge graph. The Intelligent Transcriptome™ enables biopharma partners to discover new targets, signatures, and biomarkers, determine biological impact and MoA, and enable drug rescue and repurposing.

About Geneyx: An AI platform for human genetic analysis and interpretation. Geneyx provides advanced solutions for genomic data interpretation and analysis, empowering researchers, clinicians, and healthcare providers to gain valuable insights from genomic information.

About The BIRD Foundation: The BIRD Foundation is a renowned organization dedicated to promoting collaboration and innovation between Israeli and American companies in various industries. It provides grants and funding opportunities to support joint research and development projects, fostering technological advancements and business partnerships. With a focus on promoting cross-border cooperation, the BIRD Foundation plays a crucial role in driving economic growth and knowledge exchange between Israel and the United States.


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