We Share a Mutual Goal:
to Make Drugs That Work

Partner with the leaders in predictive transcriptomics to accelerate your drug discovery and development programs.

How We Engage

Our mission is to help you drive clinical and scientific decision-making forward by applying advanced computational methods that reveal the answers lying within your data.

Our Partner Programs

We Provide a Turn-key Solution

and Work in Close Coordination With Our Partners for Joint Success

Our Partner Programs Run From
Small to Large

Across a Wide Range of Objectives, e.g.

Our Programs Leverage Data…

A Powerful Combination

… and Our Powerful Computational Platforms, Methodologies and Tooling…


… To Deliver the Answers, Evidence, and Results That Help Our Partners Drive Decisions

Past Projects Include


  • Organoid & cell lines: baselining analysis & multi-omic analysis (post-treated)
  • Tumor: multiple dose combinations; factorial, time course & alternate dosing analysis
  • Cross-model analysis of multi-omic biomarkers predictive of response & resistance
  • Review of biomarker incidence in samples with relevant cancers in public data


  • Patient stratification and response prediction
  • Characterize the transcriptomic impact and functional profiling to uncover biological effects
  • Explore biomarkers of response and resistance in each arm and cross arms
  • Explore potential targets in resistance
  • Assist in preparing evidence and analysis for publication and regulatory purposes

Success Stories
With Our Partners

Rescue of a Promising Drug Candidate After Failed
Phase 2 Trial

Working closely with a biopharma company, we found meaningful signals of efficacy in specific cancers, and rationale for the trial failure after adjusting route of administration, dosing, and enantiomer ratios.  We assisted in the design of additional animal model experiments to gain evidence and to test hypotheses.

We provided extensive evidence to support their business development efforts and participated in the process.

Identified Novel Gene Targets in ICI-resistant Gastric Cancer

In collaboration with Samsung Medical Center, Ocean Genomics identified 7 novel gene candidates with potential to improve outcomes in ICI-resistant gastric cancer patients. See ASCO 2020 Abstract >

Discovered Responder Predictive Markers in mCRC

In a project with the National Cancer Center Hospital East, Ocean Genomics identified 10 potential predictive markers for response to eribulin in mutant metastatic colorectal cancer patients. See ASCO 2021 Abstract >

Validated a Drug Candidate by Determining Gene-Expression Impact

We assisted a biopharma partner to assess a new agent for for melanoma which showed promising phenotypic response compared to standard of care, but their analysis failed to find a rationale in a set of 4700 differentially expressed genes.

Through deeper analysis of their existing raw RNA-Seq data we were able to identify 22 significant pathways where the new agent had a higher ratio of beneficial to non-beneficial impact, and establish a clear rationale enabling the candidate to advance.

Assessed Existence of Response Signature in Our Large Gene Expression Dataset (DeepSea™) to Inform Potential Label

We assisted a biopharma partner to assess the existence of a supplied response signature across a set of rare conditions and normal tissue samples within DeepSea™, our large and fast growing gene expression database containing over 100,000 uniformly analyzed transcriptomes and curated sample=related data.

The result strengthened their understanding within known conditions and opened up new potential indications.

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