Making Biology Predictable

Understand disease biology. Predict treatment impact. Deliver more effective diagnostics and therapeutics.

Ocean Genomics

The Next Frontier of RNA-Based Innovation

We build models of drug response by combining clinical and gene expression data using advanced analysis and AI algorithms.

Key Applications

Solutions Spanning Drug Discovery & Development for Every Major Therapeutic Area

AI-driven multi-omic analysis brings new light to old questions and delivers unprecedented insights in previously unexplored territory.

Computationally-driven insights transcend what’s possible with manual analysis.


Biomarker mining & Target identification


Asset assessment and PK/PD studies


Patient stratification and assessment of response

Trial Salvage

Identifying responders in failed trials with biomarker mining


Incorporating new biomarker insights into future programs

CDx + Indication Expansion

Refine or expand clinical utility & enrollment criteria

Founded By

Leaders in Genomics, AI & Machine Learning, and Computational Biology

Carl Kingsford, Ph.D.

Co-founder, CEO

Rob Patro, Ph.D.

Co-founder, CTO

Eric Schultz

Co-founder, Strategic Advisor

Our Team has Developed Many of the Most Advanced and Widely Used RNA-Seq Software Applications

Validated Extensively

Our computational methods are backed by 4000+ Citations

Used Globally

Software created by our founders has been downloaded > 350K times

By Leading Organizations

Users include Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Roche, Pfizer, and Novartis

Our Vast Experience in Bioinformatics Method Development is Enabling the Next Generation of Commercial Software to Take Your Project to the Next Level

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