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Understand and predict the biological impact of diseases and treatments. Deliver more effective diagnostics and therapeutics.

Ocean Genomics

The Intelligent Transcriptome

Ocean Genomics is the Intelligent Transcriptome company. We partner with cutting-edge drug developers to supply insights and evidence that enable data-driven decisions, provide confidence in the underlying biology, and increase the probability of technical and clinical success at every step.

Our TxomeAI® and DiscoverAI™ computing platforms automatically integrate transcriptomics with other data sources to produce accurate, actionable models, and discover drug targets and biomarkers. Our vast transcriptome database DeepSea™ powers discovery and analyses.

Key Applications

Solutions Spanning Drug Discovery & Development for Every Major Therapeutic Area

AI-driven multi-omic analysis brings new light to old questions and delivers unprecedented insights in previously unexplored territory.

Computationally-driven insights transcend what’s possible with manual analysis.


Identify targets and mine biomarkers


Assess assets, determine MoA, explore PK/PD studies, mine signatures


Stratify patients, identify new subgroups, model patient response

Trial Salvage

Identify responding subgroups and provide biomarkers and rationale


Discover new insights to incorporate into future programs

Indication Expansion

Discover signatures of response to identify additional potential patients

Founded By

Leaders in Genomics, AI & Machine Learning, and Computational Biology

Carl Kingsford, Ph.D.

Co-founder, CEO

Rob Patro, Ph.D.

Co-founder, CTO

Eric Schultz

Co-founder, Strategic Advisor

Our Team has Developed Many of the Most Advanced and Widely Used RNA-Seq Software Applications

Validated Extensively

Our computational methods are backed by 4000+ Citations

Used Globally

Software created by our founders has been downloaded > 350K times

By Leading Organizations

Users include Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Roche, Pfizer, and Novartis

Leverage Our Deep Capabilities in Computational Biology, Our Advanced Platforms, and Extensive Data and AI Models to Add Power to Your Program