Unlocking the transcriptome

Our Intelligent Transcriptome Platform integrates gene expression, clinical and multi-omic data and advanced AI algorithms to understand and predict the biological impact of diseases and therapies.

The Intelligent Transcriptome
Constantly Advancing

An engine with unprecedented abilities to mine data, learn models, and intelligently identify candidate targets and multidimensional biomarkers.

A Platform Designed and Validated by World Experts in Transcriptome Analysis and Machine Learning

The Intelligent Transcriptome
Platform Overview

Input RNA-seq samples, labels, and related data

TxomeAI® performs a wide range of analysis and feature extraction

And builds a deep molecular profile with comprehensive features for each sample

DeepSea ™ provides transcriptomes, pre-trained models, and related data to add power to analyses

DiscoverAI™ automatically sifts through millions of data points to identify the most relevant features and constructs transparent, generalizable predictors for your endpoints


Unique Capabilities

Extensive experience deploying our platforms for various endpoints in drug discovery and development.

Identify new patient populations for label expansion

Determine mechanisms of action

Discover drug targets

Predict transcriptomic effect

Understand biological impact of treatments and diseases

Discover novel biomarkers and signatures

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Our new family of expression-based Immuno-Oncology (IO) biomarkers re-frames and extends the concept of mutational burden to exploit gene expression measurements and other -omic data,  improving the analytical and clinical validity of mutational-burden biomarkers. Using a novel neoantigen-focused feature selection approach, RNA-IO is trained to focus on relevant neoantigenic mutations and discard those that do not contribute to tumor immunogenicity.